MSC is a spiritualist church affiliated to the spiritualists’ National Union. As such we are a registered charity (Number 1162328) and in order to retain our charitable status we have to abide by the SNU’s current Rules for Churches and Bye-laws which prescribe the principles of democracy and political correctness for their churches in minute detail and great length.

Another way of putting it would be to say that democracy figures in the running of the church through Membership and a Committee, while political correctness is observed in the welcome that can be expected by persons of any race or religion who enter the church.

The welcome you may expect is not imposed by Rules, however, it is the natural consequence of philosophies of life based on the Seven Principles given to Emma Hardinge Britten from Spirit by Robert Owen.

Our Staff Members

Roy J

Roy is our tame electrician who saved us a lot of money by installing the new fire alarm panel. He has also replaced a lot of the exterior lights. He...

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Irene B

Irene is our Vice President, but she will help out in the kitchen. She often brings in cake and buns for the tearoom, which are tasty and well appreciated.  She...

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Charles M

Charles is our number one in-house Medium and we can rely on him to step in if the booked Medium does not turn up for some reason. He has started...

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Tim G-J

Tim is our hard working Treasurer and Secretary.  He was persuaded to join the committee when the Centre was in dire straits and has been a member since 2017. He...

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Catherine Graham

She is our President, but she’ll hoover and wash up like a good ‘un when she sees it’s needed. She’ll chair and do the music and do the service –...

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Peter C

Peter is a working Medium, so we don’t always see him at church services, but he takes the Thursday classes when he is able and sometimes takes the Open Circle...

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Bob L

Bob is Booking Secretary, supposedly the worst job on the Committee, but he quite enjoys doing it (most of the time). Other jobs include opening up the Centre for activities...

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Mandy W

Mandy is our Membership Secretary, looking after the current and potential new members, collecting subscriptions, and writing letters about subscriptions. She also arranges the course so that Associate Members can...

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