MSC is a spiritualist church affiliated to the spiritualists’ National Union. As such we are a registered charity (Number 1162328) and in order to retain our charitable status we have to abide by the SNU’s current Rules for Churches and Bye-laws which prescribe the principles of democracy and political correctness for their churches in minute detail and great length.

Another way of putting it would be to say that democracy figures in the running of the church through Membership and a Committee, while political correctness is observed in the welcome that can be expected by persons of any race or religion who enter the church.

The welcome you may expect is not imposed by Rules, however, it is the natural consequence of philosophies of life based on the Seven Principles given to Emma Hardinge Britten from Spirit by Robert Owen.

Our Staff Members

Peter C

Peter is a working Medium, so we don’t always see him at church services, but he takes the Thursday classes when he is able and sometimes takes the Open Circle...

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Bob L

Bob is Booking Secretary, supposedly the worst job on the Committee, but he quite enjoys doing it (most of the time). Other jobs include opening up the Centre for activities...

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Mandy W

Mandy is our Membership Secretary, looking after the current and potential new members, collecting subscriptions, and writing letters about subscriptions. She also arranges the course so that Associate Members can...

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Helen Duncan

‘Hellish Nell’ as she was known to some of her contemporaries (because of her temper, not her psychic abilities!) was born Victoria MacFarlane in Callender in 1897, she married Henry...

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle, had been born to the poor relations in a prosperous Irish Catholic family in Edinburgh. He was sent to a Jesuit school and studied medicine at Edinburgh...

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Emma Hardinge – Britten

Born in London, the daughter of a ‘seafarer’, Captain Floyd Hardinge, Emma was a child with prodigious talents in music, singing and speaking. At the age of 11 she was...

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Andrew Jackson Davis

Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910) known to contemporaries as ‘the Poughkeepsie seer’ and later referred to as the ‘John the Baptist of Modern Spiritualism’ because he ‘definitively proclaimed the coming revelation...

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Oliver Lodge

Two men who became close friends after meeting at the palace where they both received knighthoods on August 9th1902 added respectability to the Spiritualist Movement. They were Oliver Lodge (1851-1940)...

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