Blessing Services

SNU Ministers and Officiants can perform Blessing Services for Marriages from the brand new
Registry Office Wedding to the celebration of a marriage that has lasted for decades and all those in
between where the couple want to mark a significant anniversary or have a special reason to
reaffirm their vows.

There is as well a blessing ceremony for couples who have not married, but who want to pledge
themselves to each other in the same way as a married couple.

A blessing service can be highly personalised, the Minister or Officiant will help you formulate your
service beyond the foundation of the suggested ceremony to make it a memorable and meaningful
occasion. You can choose your own vows, music, songs and readings and make the ceremony truly
your own, in the presence of friends and family or just a few people. The service can be held in a
church, in your own home or in hospital or another venue, at a time that suits you.