Spiritualist Funeral Services

You don’t want a funeral service that is all doom and gloom because you will feel bad enough anyway, so consider a Spiritualist Service if you have to arrange a funeral service for a deceased loved one (unless you think it might upset him or her)

If you’re planning your own future funeral the Spiritualists’ National Union have a form that can help you to make your wishes clear.

A Spiritualist Funeral Service has a similar format to that of an orthodox church, but a completely different approach. It is an occasion when tributes are paid to the deceased’s life and personality but it is made clear that it is only the death of the physical body and life continues in another sphere of existence: loved ones who have passed before will have greeted him, as they will greet you when it is your time to pass.

The Funeral can be made more meaningful by choice of music and/or readings, most SNU Ministers and Officiants would fit in with your, or the deceased’s wishes. The service does not use orthodox ‘religious’ language but the ceremony is conducted with dignity and respect nonetheless.

A Personalised Scattering or Burial of ashes can be conducted, which could include a further brief tribute, a reading and prayers, perhaps in a place special to the deceased, tho’ permission must always be sought in a public place or cemetery.

Memorial Service

SNU Ministers and Officiants can also conduct a memorial service when required. He/she would be willing to see you and discuss your wishes with no commitment on either side for any of the Services.