The Naming Service

Parents who consider the philosophy of life lived by the Seven Principles to be something to aim at would find the Naming ceremony inspiring, as would an adult having a Naming. The Service content  can be tailored to suit preferences including hymns, songs, music and a reading. The language is respectful but non ‘religious’. Like the naming ceremonies of other religions, there is a ritual welcome for the individual being named, a name is given and sponsors who commit to supporting spiritual growth in the individual

A Spiritualist Naming Service uses flowers to welcome a child into its’ family and the family of mankind to emphasise that we and all living things are part of God’s creation. Created with love, that love enables us to learn and grow spiritually. It is natural. Parents, human or animal form a love bond with their offspring and try to guide them in their formative years or even longer.

Spiritualists do not use water to cleanse a child from the taint of a sin of ancestral origin because we believe a child is born innocent and although an older child might not be entirely innocent, it would not be splashed with water in a Spiritualist ceremony. (nor would an adult who wanted a Naming.)

The Name given in the service comes from the Spirit world through the mediumship of the Minister or Officiant and is often a source of pride in later life. It does not mean that the new name replaces others given by the parents at an earlier stage, although the Named individual may decide for him/herself to use it at some stage in life.

All friends and family present at the ceremony are asked to be spiritual sponsors for the person being named although parents can ask for special sponsors (usually two) for their child. The sponsors make a personal commitment to offer spiritual support to the child and family or to the adult being named.