History of the Church

This is what I have managed to extract from Documents at the Church (Manchester Spiritualist Centre). I’m not sure that the details are entirely accurate, especially the names between the years 1941 and the 1970’s. Perhaps someone can shed some light!

11/8/1941. ‘South Manchester National Spiritualist Church’ meets in one room on the first floor of 112 Yarborough Street according to the certificate for Registration as a Place of Worship.

1970’s Church built at 2, Alexandra Road South. The Church at 112 Yarborough Street amalgamated with new church after a few years?  (Waiting for the General Record Office to clarify)

25/1/1987. Special General Meeting at Raby Street church to vote on motion to amalgamate Raby Street Church and church at 2, Alexandra Road South because of the financial difficulties facing the Raby Street members. Ecclesiastical Insurance were refusing to insure because of the state of the building.

At this meeting the church at 2, Alex Rd South was referred to as ‘South Manchester ’and although the motion was passed with the requisite three-quarter majority there were some expressions of regret.

1988 the church at 2, Alexandra Road South became  Manchester Spiritualist Church, which was the name previously attached to Raby Street Church.

11/11/1998 Rededication of church at 2 Alexandra Road South after amalgamation with Longsight Spiritualist Church.  The name became  Manchester Pioneers’ Centre for Modern Spiritualism.

2009. Name changed to Manchester Spiritualist Centre at AGM