Pioneers of Spiritualism

Throughout the history of Spiritualism, and to the current day, there have been many individuals who have made significant contributions to its progress. This page is updated regularly with information about some of our pioneers and their achievements. They serve to remind us that we too have the challenge of being the pioneers of today…

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Helen Duncan

‘Hellish Nell’ as she was known to some of her contemporaries (because of her temper, not her...

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle, had been born to the poor relations in a prosperous Irish Catholic family in...

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Emma Hardinge – Britten

Born in London, the daughter of a ‘seafarer’, Captain Floyd Hardinge, Emma was a child with prodigious...

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Andrew Jackson Davis

Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910) known to contemporaries as ‘the Poughkeepsie seer’ and later referred to as the...

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Count E Swedenborg

Swedenborg has been variously described as a pioneer of Spiritualism, a Swedish Scientist and a Lutheran Theologian...

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Oliver Lodge

Two men who became close friends after meeting at the palace where they both received knighthoods on...

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