Oliver Lodge

Two men who became close friends after meeting at the palace where they both received knighthoods on August 9th1902 added respectability to the Spiritualist Movement. They were Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) and Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930).

Oliver Lodge was a physicist and inventor of some repute. One of his studies was in the propagation and reception of electromagnetic waves which led to his invention of a detector which could transcribe Morse code radio signals onto paper.

He was a member of the ‘Ghost Club’ and was involved with the Society for Psychical Research (he was President 1901-1903)

His first investigation for the society was the mediumship of the American Leonora Piper. Lodge reported favourably on the evidence she had given to him.

After other investigations he reported in 1898 ‘having received many evidential messages, he was now convinced of survival’.

Following the return from spirit of two old friends through the mediumship of Mrs Piper, Lodge wrote ’The Survival of Man’ in 1909. ‘Raymond or Life after Death’ the story of how the message reporting the death of his son Raymond was validated was published in 1917. It did, however, attract the criticism that as evidence it could not be objective because of Lodge’s closeness to the subject.

Although he was not actually a proponent of Spiritualism- he remained a Christian- he strongly believed in Spiritualist concepts and risked his reputation by making his beliefs public knowledge