Are you looking for a non- traditional church wedding in a church setting? All legally required vows are included in a Spiritualist wedding service, with prayers acknowledging God’s part in the proceedings as well as the presence of friends and family from the Spirit World. The solemnity of the occasion and its’ life-long implications for the marrying couple are made just as clear as in an orthodox church even if the language is different. They are just as married.

Arranging a marriage in a Spiritualist church has some similarities with weddings anywhere else:-

  1. Venue: In a Spiritualist church you need to ask the church committee for permission to use the church and also for the person you want to officiate to be able to do so in the church.
  2. Date: Agree a date and time with the church committee and with your chosen officiant.
  3. Banns: You need to complete the legal arrangements at the Registry Office to get the Banns posted.  Also, because you have chosen a Spiritualist church for your wedding, you must book a Registrar for the date required.
  4. When date, time and place have been arranged you will need to discuss with the person taking the service what you would like to have in the ceremony: hymns and/or music or any extra personal vows you might wish to make.
  5. If you need access to the church for flower arrangements or any other requests, you must contact the committee.

Costs for which you are responsible:

  • All fees payable to the Registrar & Registry Office.
  • The Church fee for use of the premises.
  • The Minister’s or Officiant’s expenses.

The wedding day is only the beginning of your marriage, which we hope will be a long and happy one